Jonas Widriksson

Me in Zion National Park, 2012

My name is Jonas Widriksson. I am happy you found your way here. This is my blog where I try to share solutions, tips and tricks and thoughts around system development and technology.

I run my own IT consulting business: Widriksson Consulting AB (Swedish), Sweden. You may contact me through my company website. If you like you may also contact me on LinkedIn (just search for Jonas Widriksson, there is only one of me) or use the contact form here on my blog.

The idea to start this blog came to mind since I want to simplify for others to spend less the same time and effort on things that I think I have spend to much time on doing myself. I believe that resources on IT projects far to often are spend on issues not related to the actual goal but on all sorts of other things that can go wrong. I hope to help other people to reduce such issues by sharing and contribute to society. I also plan to write on hobby projects that are related to IT and technology.

When I am not in front of a computer I like to exercise, travel the world and meet new people. When I exercise I usually do outdoor running, go to the gym or train gymnastics. I have become a bit addicted to adventure and always strive to challenge myself into new experiences. One of my latest adventure projects was to cycle around lake Victoria in Africa. For more information on that trip you are more than welcome to check out restlessbikers.com, where you also can read about my previous cycling adventures.

I believe to evolve as person by doing new things and by meeting and understanding people that are different to myself.

The world is full of opportunities. They can be both small or large and most of them are actually free. Take the time to open your eyes and go find them!