Is Power BI ready for the enterprise?

With the latest Power BI releases in mid-2016 Microsoft finally plugs the gap between on-premise Business Intelligence solutions and the cloud. On-premise enterprise BI solutions can now be re-used seamlessly with low level of development and infrastructure changes. If you would have asked Microsoft, they would probably have told you that Power BI was enterprise ready years… Read More »

Raspberry PI 2 Hadoop 2 Cluster

Setup your own Raspberry PI 2 Hadoop 2 cluster (Raspberry PI 2 Model B and Hadoop 2.7.2) on Rasbian Linux. For some background and general information around Hadoop please see my previous post: Contents The Setup 3x Raspberry PI 2 Model B(4core CPU, 1GB RAM) 3x 16gb MicroSDHC cards (Sandisk UHS-I 10x) Rasbpian Jessie… Read More »

Update url and server references in SharePoint content using PowerShell

Update url and server references in SharePoint content can be quite challenging when you a lot of your Excel Services Reports, Reporting Services Reports and Data Connections (ODC, PPSDC and RSDS files). This post assumes you have migrated to a new SharePoint server with new hostname/dns name and have new database and analysis services servers which… Read More »

Upload large files to Azure file share

This tutorial will describe howto upload large files to Azure file share using azCopy and PowerShell. First time I tried to upload large files to Azure I was a bit optimistic and tried to copy and paste my files directly through remote desktop. My files where database files with around 200gb of data using an internet connection… Read More »

Azure IO Performance

Cloud services are getting more and more mature. Before it was only a buzz but now everyone wants to get on the train. Flexibility, availability, pricing. So you are thinking about moving that database, datawarehouse or cubes to the cloud? On the Azure pricing list you can clearly see the number of CPU’s, memory, storage… Read More »

Power BI limitations & considerations

Please note that this post is regarding Power BI for Office 365 (the old experience) which will be deprecated by March 31, 2016. Although some some content might still be relevant. This is thought to be a technical introduction to Power BI limitations & considerations which hopefully will allow you to avoid most common implementation pitfalls. Please take into consideration that Power… Read More »

SharePoint 2013 BI Development Environment

This tutorial show you howto setup a complete SharePoint 2013 BI Development environment. The goal is to have SharePoint environment with all Business Intelligence features enabled and a more production like setup with distinguished service accounts and kerberos configuration enabled. The installation process will be partly automated using AutoSPInstaller and PowerShell scripts for installation and… Read More »

SharePoint 2013 kerberos configuration

SharePoint 2013 kerberos configuration is required in a SharePoint setup when user delegation is needed to access external data sources or other resources. This post will go through the steps you need to configure SharePoint 2013 kerberos for business intelligence services and web applications. Most often when SharePoint is used with business intelligence this is… Read More »

Configure SharePoint 2013 BI Services

This guide will show you how to setup and configure SharePoint 2013 BI (Business Intelligence) services. The guide will cover the following BI services and features: Excel Services Reporting Services Performance Point Services PowerView We will be using PowerShell for most of the setup and configuration tasks. This will not only speed up the process… Read More »

Install SharePoint 2013 SP1 using AutoSPInstaller

AutoSPInstaller is a set of PowerShell scripts and directory structure that helps to automate SharePoint installations. This tutorial assumes that you already have installed Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL Server SP1 from the post Setup virtual SharePoint 2013 development environment using Oracle Virtualbox. This is however not a necessity as long as you change computer names,… Read More »

SSRS scale-out deployment configuration error

Introduction This article describes SSRS scale-out deployment configuration error that can occur during migration of the ReportServer database from SSRS 2008 Enterprise/Developmnet to SSRS 2012 Standard (Native mode). When importing encryption keys from the source server a scale out deployment server is added to the configuration on the new target server that cannot be removed through the user… Read More »

Reporting Services in SharePoint 2013 SP1 – There is a compatibility range mismatch between the Web server and database

Do you ever get tired of misleading error messages? I did my first installation of SharePoint SP1 on Windows Server 2012 R2 today. After I installed Reporting Services Add-In and confgiured Reporting Services Service Application I got the following error when clicking System Settings in the Manage Reporting Services Application – Reporting Services Service Application… Read More »